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Natural Healing

People always want to know if acupuncture hurts. They hear the word needle, and go into a panic. It’s understandable because we associate needles with scary injections. This is not the case with the hair-thin acupuncture needle. It’s a flexible needle about the width of a thread. Used in conjunction with specific points along the body, it relieves pain associated with migraines, women’s health, physical pain, and mental health. It’s better to ask, “Does it hurt to remain in the health condition I am in and not receive acupuncture treatment?” Acupuncture practitioners will hear what you have to say and develop a treatment plan. Usually treatment is more often at the onset and can reduce in amount after an initial phase. Usually 12 or so treatments. So, relax, close your eyes, take a deep breath and get ready to be lulled into the acu-zone of complete comfort.

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